Taking inspiration from the beloved Sci-Fi Dine-In at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I imagined the Bedrock Drive-In from The Flintstones as a fun, atmospheric eatertainment experience. Guests would dine in their very own Flintmobile while watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons on the big screen in a day-for-night interior setting. The menu would include signature items such as Bronto-Burgers, Bronto-Dogs, ribs, omelettes, and mammoth malt shakes. This could be a part of a larger Flintstones FEC encompassing bowling, miniature golf, and a kids' play area.


Meese Manor is a concept design package for an original dark ride founded on a story and characters of my own creation. The flume ride chronicles the kooky tale of a worrisome beaver butler who lives with an eccentric family of moose in a log cabin mansion deep in the Canadian wilderness.

The following thesis paper was submitted to the Savannah College of Art and Design as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Themed Entertainment Design.

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Wizard of Oz Miniature Golf is my design proposal for a highly themed mini golf course. Located in Savannah, GA, I selected an open, grassy site on Hutchinson Island across the Savannah River from the renown Savannah River Street. A hot air balloon anchored on-site functions as advertisement, beckoning people to venture across the waterway. Arriving guests enter into a quaint farm setting with a peculiar traveling wagon sitting front and center. At the wagon guests may purchase their round of golf and retrieve their balls and clubs. They are then sent on their way over to the Gale farmhouse to begin their game. It is here that guests are transported from the ordinary world to the vibrant land of Oz. Players follow in Dorothy's footsteps as they play through 18 holes, journeying through Oz and encountering Dorothy's friends and foes along the way.


I chose five of the planned 18 holes to flesh out in SketchUp:

(1) Dorothy's House, (2) Munchkinland, (10) Flying Monkeys, (12) I'm Melting!, and (13) Emerald City.


Swallow Falls Safaris takes visitors on a delectable expedition through the foodimal-inhabited wilderness of the island of Swallow Falls. Before embarking on a sandwich schooner, the queue line introduces the story behind Swallow Falls and the creation of Sparkswood Tours. For this queue design exercise, I chose to base the attraction on the animated film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and imagined a Jungle-Cruise-style boat ride on which wild foodimals, such as flamangoes and hippopotatomuses, could be seen in their natural habitats. All safaris would be led by witty tour guides to satisfy any pun cravings. So..."If you have a hunger for excitement and an appetite for adventure, prepare to get served!"




Fly Me to the Moon celebrates the spirit of Frank Sinatra while embracing the retro-futuristic stylings of the Space Age and the glitz and kitsch of vintage Las Vegas. Located in the Stratosphere Tower more than 800 feet above the Strip, the adjoining restaurant and lounge combine the late sixties, space exploration, and Sinatra class to make for an unforgettable night on the town. I created this concept for a themed entertainment concept design studio at SCAD. My focus here was on the design of the lounge overlooking the restaurant, but the intent is for the two to be part of a singular experience.


Guests are transported from the ordinary world to the dreamy universe of the moon lounge via an elevator rocketship. After a successful lunar landing, sojourners may drink to their heart's content, dance, dine, and see the Sultan of Swoon perform before their very eyes. Mr. Sinatra believed in the importance of enjoying oneself and living life to the fullest--what better way to celebrate his life than by creating a place where people can go to have a good time. 

Elevator Experience:


At launch base at the bottom of the tower, we hand our tickets to the flight attendant and board our very own rocket to the moon. Once all passengers have boarded, the doors slide closed and we are instructed to prepare for liftoff.


The elevator sequence shown to the left is timed to match the preexisting elevator operational speed. Traveling at 3 floors per second, the journey from the 2nd floor to level 107 is exactly 35 seconds.



Here is a sample of what one might witness on stage. Frank wouldn't merely appear and begin singing but would speak to the audience before and inbetween numbers. His ode to the Apollo 11 astronauts in this clip from 1969 would be included as part of the show, helping to reinforce the story and time period that guests are transported to at the top of the Stratosphere.